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I always hate the high-on-life hangover.

Posted on 2006.09.14 at 18:54
Current Mood: sickblegh
Current Music: Rocky Horror. Nuff said.
I need to rant badly right now, because I have nothing better to do. And since I have nowhere else to rant (don't want to clutter up my website or waste my dead forum on stupid stuff) I'll do it here. I don't have enough time to play a video game because of rehearsal (I'm in Rocky Horror, huzzah!) I don't have a strong enough wrist or any inspiration to draw, and there's nothing on the boob tube. So I'm gonna rant about how whatever force controls the universe, be it fate or God or cats or some other unfathomable being (cthulu?), has decided that I can never have a good day. Ever.

I'll start off by saying that today was awesome. Yeah, you heard me. I woke up with more enegery than ever (I was only lethargic, as opposed to living-dead-wannabe), got a full tank of gas for my car, and drove off to school. I got over to Cabrillo and I found a parking space that cut my usual walking distance to my classes in HALF. More than half, even. To celebrate I splurged and got some hot chocolate with whipped cream at the gazebo in the quad. OH GOD it was so good. Some of the best hot chocolate I've had, and the food at school sucks usually. So then I had my acting class. I had to memorize a monologue and concentrate on all this stuff.....I hadn't even gotten a monologue until 11 PM last night. And I aced it. Blew the teacher and every classmate away. It felt so good....Then came Make-up and Masks. My mask idea was awesome, and it turned out awesome too. 'Nuff said. We finish them up next tuesday, it'll be more awesome.

So schools over. I take the scenic route home even though it's a gloomy day, and guess what? The sun comes out. For the 30 minutes I'm on the road the sun is shining and things are beautiful.

But the story doesn't end there, or else this wouldn't be a rant about how I can never have a good day.

So I get home, and the minute I walk through the door, I get a cold. Seriously. No warning signs, no slight gradiation into sickness, it was just boom. Sick. Not mild sick, either. Snotty nose, can't think, coughing every 2 minutes sick. So I take some cold medicine that is supposed to be non-drowsy. They lied. My head is foggier than it was when I had snot going all the way up into my brain. And I have rehearsal tonight. Wherein we have to dance. A lot. And not pass out with a fever. Oh, by the way, if I don't make it to rehearsal, I don't get to be in the dance numbers we're rehearsing. Like the Time Warp. So I HAVE to be there despite the sudden cold.

This always happens, too. It's not always a cold, but every day that things go perfectly, SOMEthing shitty happens.

Anyway, I just needed to rant. Maybe someday this'll make a good monologue for someone else....If so, don't get a cold afterward.



Posted on 2006.08.21 at 22:44
Current Music: Rocky Horror Picture Show - Touch-a Touch-a Touch me

My pirate name is:

Mad Mary Rackham

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This is for a forum~

Posted on 2006.06.16 at 19:05
For all my fellow OoC guildies....

The BIG "who are you?"
Name?Mary Tully Paulson
Male/Female?Guess. :P
Birthday?Dec. 28, 1988
Birth sign?Capricorn (yes, the stupid sea goat >>)
Hometown?I have two, Santa Cruz and Boulder Creek ;)
Current location?California, USA
Hair color/Style?color-brown w/ some blond, style? short little bob-ish thing
Eye color?blue, ranges from grey-blue to green depending on lighting
Weight/Fitness?125 lbs, \"cute & squishy\"
Education level?Some college, close to my AA already
Stereotype?techno/gamer geek, I guess...
Clothing style?Baggy pants/capris and funny shirts~
Best feature?My awesomeness, of course. ;)
Piercings?two ear piercings that WON\'T GO AWAY.
Think you are attractive?Sure, why not?
Believe in yourself?Sometimes....
Hopes for your future?That it won\'t totally suck, otherwise I\'m fairly open.
Biggest weakness?that\'s debatable....
Greatest fears?Ectophobic (see other survety for explanation)
Health freak?hell no, gimme my steak!
OCDs?none, but it IS my favorite mental disorder~
Regrets?Regret nothing!
How do you want to die?Saving the world, of course.
Theme song?\"Two Points For Honesty\" by Guster
Color?pretty much all of them.
Food?agh....why must you make me choose!? there\'s so many good things!
Book?The Discworld series by Terry Pratchet (okay okay so it\'s not A book...)
Song?too many.
Actor?ME! XD
Pizza?Veggie, but with pepperoni.
Movie?Gah, WAY too many.
Cartoon?again, way too many.
Pastime?Drawing, Acting, and gaming are my big 3...
T.V. show?Too many once again.
Ice cream?neopolitain, cookie dough, or anything fruity
Thirst quencher?Lemonade or orange soda
Band/performer?I go by songs, not bands.
Outside location?the beach
Indoor location?my room!
Where would you like to live?where I am now is fine :D
Been to or lived in a major city?been to, never lived in one.
What country would you most like to Visit?Any where I won\'t get killed.
Been outside of your country?nope T_T
Been to a major tourist spot (Grand canyon, Big Ben, Pyramids, etc)?nope T_T
Been to a major romantic spot (Niagara falls, Eiffel Tower, etc)?nope T_T why must you mock me so!?
Ever/Past month/Last 24 hours/Do you:
Smoke?hell no
Swear?hell yes.
Been drunk?nope
Done any drugs?FUCK no
Stolen anything?I guess....if you count downloading
Had an argument?not so much \"arguements\" as \"debates\"
Gotten into a fight?sort of...
Been beaten up?nope, I\'m too cute.
Done more than kiss?nope >>
Been to a concert?not any good ones =_=
Play an instrument?not very well, but yes.
Play video games?HELL yes
Dance?all the time! XD
Sing?yesh~ but not very well XD
Read?of course!
Like storms?LOVE!
Had/Have a crush?a few, none at the moment though.
Been on a date?yep
Been on a blind date?nope
Kissed someone?yep
Kissed the same sex?not unless you count my mom
If Gay/Bi are you out?dunno my preference yet, I\'m fairly sure I\'m straight though.
Been called a tease?only by idiots.
Gone skinny dipping?nope
Had sex?nope
Been in love?dunno
Been dumped?nope
Had your heart broken?umm....nope
Broken someone's heart?probably >>;
In a relationship now?sorta kinda not really?
Want to get married?if I find the right guy, sure!
Have/want kids?not really, no.
Dating preferences:
Guys or girls?guys
Eye color?any
Hair color/Style?I\'m not that picky to rely solely on physical appearance
Height?doesn\'t matter really, he\'ll be taller anyway.
Fitness level?nothing above \"chunky\" if possible
Stereotype?any, as long as they aren\'t covered in make up
Clothing style?any
Best feature?gotta be a nice guy.
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Fliptonic Clipperlawaver Syndrome

Posted on 2006.06.08 at 19:56
Current Mood: tiredSummer hangover just kicked in
Current Music: The Killers
Alrighty...um.....what am I doing again?

Oh, right, blogging. Yeah.

Anyway, I didn't get the job at the Mystery Spot. Kinda funny, considering I was told I'd get the job. Guess they lied.

Umm....other things that have happened.....

Nope. Nothing interesting. Um....I guess I could post this rant I did on a forum? Anyway...

*someone* said this during a forum post that was, for the most part, done olde-english style:
ya i hate ppl who rite wit no good grammar cuz it makes u mad cuz u think it makes ppl illeterate :O we are not in a writting game.. reduced word such as u in stead of you are ok as long as the other person understand theyrefore the main goal as been er *attained*(prolly wrong word) and the main goal was commnication ;)

OMG no PERIOD!!!! :@

Which got me ranting. And here it is! A rant about netspeak vs. good grammar.
Yeah, I don't understand it either.....and I'm fairly fluent in l337 and netspeak, so that's saying something...

I mean, I understand the idea you're trying to convey, sure, but the "words" you used, if you can even call them that, are barely legible. I can also understand using that kind of typing in an MMO, where everyone is playing in real time and it's often essential to get your ideas out as soon as you can, like for instance when someone says "RLH," that's generally better than typing out "run like hell," when you're trying to get away from a really strong monster....but in a forum setting, wherein posting faster does not necessarily make your point any more or less valid (unless of course in games like Word Association Icon_razz) it really makes no sense to type in "netspeak."

It just irks me to see people type like that so often in slower-paced outlets, such as forums, blogs, or, my biggest pet peeve, online stories and/or fanfictions. In games I'm okay with it, hell I'll shorten words and phrases myself, when needed. But when the timer is not going, when every second does NOT count, I think that "proper" writing is much better and easier to understand. Sure, it makes the post a lot longer (just look at mine, and I'm not even done yet), but it just looks better, and for most people who aren't so fluent in netspeak, it reads faster because they don't have to translate anything (unless you use really big, confusing words that even Shakespeare would have a hard time understanding, which is also something I dislike. But, we're not talking about that, we're on the other side of the spectrum here).

And yes, it does make people more illiterate. Think about it, if all you ever use, all you ever see, are shortened and incorrectly spelled words, how in bloody hell are you supposed to learn normal spelling? Read? No, no, no, that's far to slow for netspeakers, they'd rather get the shorthand versions from their friends in the form of "hukc fnin did sum funy siht n stuf, thn he liek, deid or sumthn. i duno, i nly red teh sumery tehy had on sum sihgt." Yes, obviously I'm exaggerating, I understand that. I'm trying to put sarcasm in here, since when I talk my voice practically oozes with sarcasm. But that's beside the point. The point is, it looks stupid, it sounds stupid, it's just all around stupid.

Maybe if you guys start using word like "quizzical" and "epitomize" you may see me rant about sounding TOO smart for your own good, but for now this is all you get. XD

Also, why is everyone afraid of commas and periods? They won't kill you or anything, I swear. (netspeaker: OMGWTF PERIOD!!!11!1!11one *dies*)

. . . Well, that's my rant for the day (week? month? I don't keep track, really)....well whatever. I got my rant on, I feel happy. I think I'm gonna go play some much needed video games now.

Also, I did an angry rant on the same forums at these two guys that were fighting and verbally assaulting each other on a forum post that was originally for posting images, but you guys can't see that one. Too much backstory with that. :P

So anyway, on the rantish note, here's a question for anyone who sees this:
What's your take on the netspeak phenomenon?

Also, why do people like my rants? I just don't get it.....I digitally yell at people and they LIKE it. Not sarcastically like it, but really like it. It's freaky.


This has nothing to do with anything. Move along.

Posted on 2006.04.26 at 11:57
Current Mood: cheerfulI just totally jinxed myself.
Current Music: songstowearpantsto.com
Dunno why I'm posting this here, but I've got a job interview at the Santa Cruz Mystery Spot! Wish me luck, because that would be the most awesomest local job ever. :) even cooler than working at the boardwalk...

Those of you who don't know what a Mystery Spot is....you're missing out on some great stuff here. :( http://www.mysteryspot.com/ Go and be enlightened.


Psychic Playlist

Posted on 2006.04.11 at 01:13
Current Mood: sickdamn cold, on spring break too
Current Music: everything in this post I guess....
Got this from someone I watch on DA. It's 1 am, I'm bored. So this happens.

The way it works: Go to your music player of choice and put it on shuffle.
Say the following questions aloud, and press play.
Use the song titles that come up to answer each question.

(I just stuck EVERY FRIGGING SONG I EVER DOWNLOADED into the player, most of which is stuff I don't even remember having. This should be fun. Next time I do this I'm adding my dad's stuff, he has even more mp3s than me.)

How does the world see me?:
Polka Loca - songstowearpantsto.com
comment: AWESOME! They all think I'm psychotic polka music :3

Will I have a happy life?:
Auron's Theme - FFX Soundtrack
comment: As I recall, he did not have a happy life. crap. mebbe I should have left music without lyrics out, though....oh well.

What do people really think of me?:
Hero - songstowearpantsto.com
comment: ...they really think I'm gonna save them? Ha, good luck with that, silly humans.

Do people secretly lust after me?:
Love's Divine - Seal

How can I make myself happy?:
19-2000 - Gorillaz
comment: ....I have to get shoeshine? I don't even wear shiney shoes....

What should I do with my life?:
If I could be like that - 3 Doors Down
comment: I should wish my life was like someone elses? well damn, screw that.

Will I ever have children?:
Arigato - Home Made Kazoku
comment:.....good thing I can't understand japanese!

What is some good advice for me?:
Bad Moon Rising - CCR
comment: XD just let that sink in for a bit....

What do I think my current theme song is?:
Viva Rock - Orange Range
comments: viva me.

What does everyone else think my current theme song is?:
8th symphony - Beethoven
comment: the hell? you people are weird....

What song will play at my funeral?:
Ask DNA - Yoko Kanno
comment: AWESOME.

What type of men/women do you like?:
99 red ballons - Gold Finger
comment: I like people who will inadvertantly destroy the world....with balloons....cool.

What is my day going to be like?:
You Live, You Learn - Alanis Morrisette
comment: ....that usually happens every day anyway.

Why am I here?:
I Feel Good - James Brown
comment: sweet.

What will people remember me for?:
Silent Life - .//hack soundtrack
comment: yeah, I am the quiet one around most folks....

What song will I get stuck in my head tomorrow?:
99 red ballons - nena (english version)

Are there people outside waiting to take me away?:
Blues Drive Monster - the Pillows
comments: I guess that's a yes XD

What will this year be all about?:
Takeoffs and Landings - the Ataris
comment: finally I get to travel!

And so ends this little romp through boredom. Also, Billy regretably could not make it to today's performance, but he sends his greetings. And some garlic.


Boredom Strikes AGAIN

Posted on 2006.03.18 at 23:20
Current Mood: boredbored, as the title says
Current Music: Hellogoodbye - Shimm Shimmy Quarter Turn
I do funny things when I'm bored. Like update this thing.

Honestly I feel like I don't use it enough. I have plenty to rant about, sure. I'm a VERY opinionated person, and from what I've heard a lot of people actually LIKE when I rant in real life. Probably because of all those crappy jokes and hilariously bad analogies I use when I talk. But anyway, back to the point of this entry, which is that there IS no topic because I'm so BORED.

Mostly I'm bored because my left (dominant) hand is in a wristbrace. If this were not the case I could relieve my boredom by drawing, playing video games, or something else involving that hand. Sure I could read a book one-handed, but it's too late to study and I generally don't read at home, because I like to save my reading for that one day of the week when I have to be at school FOUR HOURS before any of my classes, because then it really is the only thing that keeps me from killing something. So alas, here I am forced to do the only thing (besides handling the TV remote) that I can do relatively well with my right hand: type. See, for some strange reason I've taught myself to type one-handed with both my hands, mostly so I can snack and chat at the same time. Okay, actually it started before I even IMed more than once a month as a way to challenge myself or some crap like that while I wrote my little grade school masterpieces way back when. Whatever, point is I'm freaky enough to type faster one-handed (with my bad hand at that) than a lot of people I know can with both their hands. This isn't the "point & peck" type of typing either, this sort of typing makes my hand look like some creepy flesh-colored spider dancing around and pressing buttons.

I suppose if I wanted to I could work on some of my written works, but see usually that requires a little thing called "inspiration, which I do not have at the moments. So here I am, a shell of my former left-handed glory, resorted to ranting in a blog about how I can type with my right hand. And now my damn wristbrace itches.

Well anyway that's our show for tonight. Tune in next time when Billy the manic-depressive Vampire Slayer makes a guest appearance, and *ominous voice* ONE OF OUR CAST MEMBERS WILL BE REVEALED AS A BLOODSUCKING CREATURE OF THE NIGHT! *dun dun dunnnnnn* Stay tuned!

*edit* haha I just realized this entry's id in the URL is "1337"!


Homeschooling-for good or evil?

Posted on 2006.02.03 at 23:41
Current Mood: lethargictiiiiired....
Current Music: Weezer - Perfect Situation
Okay, I am so pissed right now and have nowhere else to rant, though I desperately need to. Recently I found a poll asking about homeschool. One of the replies was this;

Im not really sure if this is an "Are you home schooled?" or a "What do you think about homeschooling?" Poll But.......

Homeschooling - in my opinion - is bad for children. The social skills you learn while at school are key in the socialisation and maturing of Children in their journey to Adulthood. People who keep their kids home for school rob them of very important experiences that can only be found and learned through the exposure to the outside world.

The Kinship children find in school is also very important. The friendships and quarls they may find at school help them to understand how to deal with different people and situations.

If and child is homeschool they'd end up lacking in people skills. They will not have experienced the trials and tribulations of socials environments. They will not have the ability to work with other people as well as they would if they had attended a public (or private) school.

That's my opinion on the whole home schooling thing.. i really don't believe its right at all. There are things in this world that parents desperately wish to sheild their children from, and in keeping them home for school they believe they are doing just that, when in all actuallity they are hurting their children both socially and emotionally. Although it may not be apparent at first, when their children decide it is time to join the work force, or attend post secondary school, their children will find themselves lost and confused. Dealing with other people is not an instinct, it is learned...

Thank you for reading
Have a nice day

< name removed for privacy >

Say what?! No no no no NO. See? she's DISSING us homeschoolers AND our parents! So, my response was as so;

Wrong, wrong, and more wrong. Sorry, but I myself am homeschooled, along with the majority of my friends. Oh wait, us homeschoolers don't have any friends because we're homeschooled, according to you. What a load of crock, in MY opinion. Do you even know what you're talking about? No, you don't. You just thought that homeschooled only meant that a child's parents "shelter" them from reality, while the truth could not be farther from that.

Did you know there are entire communities based off of homeschooling, where hundreds of parents and their children are constantly a part of an ever-growing and friendly community? Or that homeschoolers are more likely to not give in to peer pressure and use drugs? Did you know that many homeschoolers are smarter and better prepared for life because they weren't forced to learn things they didn't need to know, and instead are often taught what the real world, and the way the quirky human society we live in, is really like? Guess not.

BECAUSE I was homeschooled I was able to attend a community college when I was THIRTEEN YEARS OLD. Since then I have acquired multiple skills and credits toward an AA, not to mention learned Japanese, studied psychology AND anthropology (got an A in both, by the way), and I'm only 17!

"Oh, but you do not learn the social skills you do in public school, where peer pressure, drug abuse, and pedophile teachers slowly break you down until you're nothing more than a hollow shell who wants to be like everyone else!" (okay, you didn't really say THAT persay, but you have to admit much of that is true.) Let me again direct you to the MILLIONS OF PEOPLE ALL OVER THE WORLD WHO HOMESCHOOL. Seriously, in my homeschool program (yes, they actually have PROGRAMS where you can learn things from people other than your parents and meet other homeschoolers, only unlike public school you CHOOSE what you learn) there are about two hundred homeschooled children from 5 to 18, not to mention their older or younger siblings, their cousins, friends, and other relatives that are an active part of the homeschooling community, even if they do not homeschool their kids or are not homeschooled. And you say we don't learn to be social? Hah! By the time I had spent one year in homeschooling I knew more people and made more friends than my entire journey (preschool to third grade) in public school.

The fact is, we homeschoolers are NOT anti-social. We are not "lost or confused" about working or other schools, such as college, and we are NOT hurt socially OR emotionally by this, so don't ever insult our parents by saying things like that.

And in case you bring it up, I am NOT the only case of this miracle of homeschooling doing good. Ever heard of the book Eragon? The kid who did that was about 15 at the time, and homeschooled. Many of my homeschooled friends are extremely talented, with everything from drawing, acting, painting, and other art forms, to computers and technology, programming, and 3D rendering. One works at the local safeway, another has worked on a public access TV show and a film they're showing at the local film fest, and yet another has made some of the best costumes I have ever seen, (and not the cosplay kind, she makes these entirely from scratch with just an idea in her head) and I myself have done countless theatrical ventures with local non-profit theatre groups.

So now, after reading that, do you STILL think that we lead sheltered lives? Personally I don't think I've ever been sheltered in my entire life, nor have any of my friends. I admit that their are less...."freeform" types of homeschooling, but nothing is ever perfect. :)

So there you have it. I have not heard a reply, nor am I expecting one. If I do get a reply however, I'll post it here.

Also, to anyone who reads this, what's YOUR take on the whole thing? Is homeschooling really that bad, or am I actually right for once?

Well, there's my first rant of the year for y'all. :) here's to probably none whatsoever in the coming year!


Okay, just got home from one ca-raaazy date, and I did in fact get a reply. Even though this person is still a bit ignorant, she gets points for not acting all "higher than thou" and not replying.

"us homeschoolers don't have any friends because we're homeschooled, according to you"

I never said they dont have friends.. I said that they end up lackin in social skills - and this is my OPINION.. i never said it was the gospel.... I never said this is how it is and thats that.. I appreciate your opinion.. completely and totally.. and you being homeschool and explaining such to me (although you could have been nicer and a little calmer about it) has given me a new point of view to look from.. although i may not agree with it.. entirely..

And.. When you go to the work force - and you are put into a situation where you "have to learn something you dont want to" would you say you are experienced in dealing with that situation? having been able to pick and choose what you learn? i say not as much as someone who had attended public school and had to deal with it and learn how to appreciate those situations.

But again - this is my opinion.. and my comment was not meant to offend anyone.. I think maybe you should calm down and step back... Maybe just come to the conversaion with a little more civilized attitude.. Im really sorry i offended you - totally wasnt my intention..

Be Happy :D ^^

So she apologizes for her original opinion, then states that I was rude (looking back, I saw my sarcasm I often use could easily be mistaken for rudeness without the proper inflections you get with speech :\) and goes back to her idea that homeschoolers aren't ready for the real world by stating that "because we led a life were WE could choose what we specialized in, we weren't ready to face the challenges of doing stuff we may not have to do". I won't flame her right now, but really. It's quite obvious she doesn't hang out with many homeschoolers.

my response:

"and you being homeschool and explaining such to me (although you could have been nicer and a little calmer about it) has given me a new point of view to look from.. although i may not agree with it.. entirely.."
What, I didn't sound like I was calm? Hmm, musta been all those capital letters, sorry about that. I just wanted to make my point clear, and I forgot there was a bold html tag for a second. :P I was only angry about the fact that you don't seem to bother to get to know any homeschoolers before voicing your opinion, which even though is just an opinion, (I never said that it was anything else, if you'll recall) it still hurts when someone says that the way you grew up was wrong, or inferior to something that they grew up with.

"would you say you are experienced in dealing with being put in a position where you have to learn something you may not want to, such as a job?"
Yes, actually I would. Just because we can choose what we learn, doesn't mean that we won't learn what we have to to get by, regardless of wanting to or not. You seem to think that the way you go to school influences far more than it actually does. Just because we can pick and choose our curriculum doesn't mean we're spoiled. Like I said, one of my friends works at safeway. Does he like it there? Not really, but hey it's a paycheck. Did he quit just because he didn't want to "learn the job skills" associated with said job? Nope, he's still working. The same is said for the other homeschoolers I hang out with. (well, if it weren't for the fact that there aren't anymore ground floor jobs around here, with all the older college students clogging up the work force)

"Maybe just come to the conversaion with a little more civilized attitude"
Oh, so now I'm not civilized!? You're not really apologizing, you just think us homeschoolers are all pigs!!!11!1!1!!1one hatehateragerantflamediediedie ;) I'm just joking! It's a little thing called sarcasm, which is extremely hard to portray online, unfortunately. :\ Most of the stuff that may have sounded like I was yelling or being rude was most likely just my futile attempt at typing the way I talk. Coincidentally, my voice itself practically oozes sarcasm, which is why said typing method is so hard. >>;;

Unless I start insulting you outright, (Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries! that sort of thing) don't assume that I'm all mad. Slightly offended, maybe, but not angry.

All in all, I'm glad that you didn't outright insult me for voicing my own opinion on top of yours, and I hope you understand us crazy homeschoolers a little more. :D

Afterwards we exchanged pleasantries and the whole thing sort of blew over. I got to "enlighten" someone in a way, and a new net buddy along with it. Fun to know these things work out so well. :)


Random quizzes, episode 01

Posted on 2005.09.05 at 22:54
Current Mood: tiredschool's in
Current Music: ANYTHING Guster!
they could at least pick less disgusting colors for these things XP

Your #1 Match: INFP

The Idealist

You are creative with a great imagination, living in your own inner world.
Open minded and accepting, you strive for harmony in your important relationships.
It takes a long time for people to get to know you. You are hesitant to let people get close.
But once you care for someone, you do everything you can to help them grow and develop.

You would make an excellent writer, psychologist, or artist.

Your #2 Match: INTP

The Thinker

You are analytical and logical - and on a quest to learn everything you can.
Smart and complex, you always love a new intellectual challenge.
Your biggest pet peeve is people who slow you down with trivial chit chat.
A quiet maverick, you tend to ignore rules and authority whenever you feel like it.

You would make an excellent mathematician, programmer, or professor.

Your #3 Match: ISFP

The Artist

You are a gifted artist or musician (though your talents may be dormant right now).
You enjoy spending your free time in nature, and you are good with animals and children.
Simply put, you enjoy bueaty in all its forms and live for the simple pleasures in life.
Gentle, sensitive, and compassionate - you are good at recognizing people's unspoken needs.

You would make a good veterinarian, pediatrician, or composer.

What's Your Personality Type?

Your Extroversion Profile:

Excitement Seeking: Very High
Cheerfulness: Medium
Sociability: Medium
Friendliness: Low
Activity Level: Very Low
Assertiveness: Very Low

How Extroverted Are You?

The Keys to Your Heart

You are attracted to good manners and elegance.

In love, you feel the most alive when things are straight-forward, and you're told that you're loved.

You'd like to your lover to think you are stylish and alluring.

You would be forced to break up with someone who was ruthless, cold-blooded, and sarcastic.

Your ideal relationship is lasting. You want a relationship that looks to the future... one you can grow with.

Your risk of cheating is zero. You care about society and morality. You would never break a commitment.

You think of marriage as something precious. You'll treasure marriage and treat it as sacred.

In this moment, you think of love as something you thirst for. You'll do anything for love, but you won't fall for it easily.

What Are The Keys To Your Heart?

Your Expression Number is 11
You tend to be associated with idealistic concepts and spiritual issues.
You have high potentials that are somewhat difficult to live up to.
You have very strong intuition and you can be a bit psychic at times.

Highly inspirational, you can lead merely by your own example.
You have an inborn inner strength and awareness that helps you advise others.
Although you have what it takes for a successful career, you belong outside the business world.

Overly sensitive and temperamental, you tend to have a lot of nervous tension.
You dream a lot, so much so that you may be more of a dreamer than a doer.
Fantasy and reality tend to get intermingled for you, and that leads to impracticality.

What's Your Expression Number?

You scored as Belle. You are a beautiful one but are sometimes considered to be strangely different. You are very nice and always try to see beyond the outter of everyone. You will do whatever it takes to save those you care much about, including trade your life...


















What Disney Leading Lady Are You?
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It spreads faster than a virus, I tells ya.

Posted on 2005.08.11 at 12:59
Current Mood: blank...what am I doing?
Current Music: 피아(PIA) - Gloomy Sunday
Well, here it is. A LiveJournal, from the girl who absolutely LOATHES LJs and everything like them. Why? Cuz there are a lot of really stupid people who use these, and I'm not talking from stereotypes and net-spoofs, I've had a couple of encounters with the real people who inspired said stereotypes. Of course I left before my presence was known to them, no use in trying to change someone who can't even see their faults.

Then again, there are many good people who happen to have LJs and blogs. I've also had encounters with these people, and they are much more memorable. But alas, for every kind and intelligent LJer there is a LJer who constantly posts nonsensical, poorly written angst poetry and rants about how their life is soooooo horrible just because their mom/dad/other parental unit won't let them buy that pair of ass-kicker leather boots because they cost $400. Oh, woe upon them without any black leather in their closet.*

But I digress, point is I have one, and that's all there is to it. What I do with it is anyone's guess.

Will I leave it with one post and never look upon it again?

Will I use my newfound powers wisely to better the lives of others with mere text and colors?

Or will I become that which I hate most as the LJ siphons my very soul from my body, leaving nothing but an angst-ridden attention monger?

Only time will tell.

'Til then, I bid you my usual farewell~

*coinsidentally, I have a perfectly good pair of ass-kicking boots I wore for halloween once. $24.99 at payless.**
**the reason I DON'T wear them anymore is because ass-kicking boots hurt like bloody hell. I'll stick to sandals thankyouverymuch.